Frequently Asked Questions

Do we take credit cards?

Yes , Visa and Mastercard are accepted, we currently do not accept American Express or Apple Pay.

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Do we have parking?

Yes, parking is available but limited on our heavy traffic nights . Please consider meeting up at at alternate location to ride here if meeting up with someone.

Visit the Gift Shop or Santa without seeing the lights?

Yes! You can come to the Gift Shop or visit with Santa without seeing the lights . You will still wait in the same entrance line as everyone else , just pull into the Gift Shop parking lot before you get to the Light Park.

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Fast Pass?

No, there’s no way around the line. Every year we post a guide to see our traffic flow . We recommend visiting on an “easy flow” day. As a general rule of thumb we tend to be busier on weekends and weeks that schools are out for holidays. Keep in mind that as long as everyone is following our guidelines the traffic will move along pretty quickly, don’t be intimidated by a long line , consider it good old fashioned quality time with your loved ones .

Trailer Ride Reservations?

No, we do not take reservations for trailer rides , we appreciate a heads up message on Facebook if coming with a large group. Otherwise , you will still wait in the same entrance line as everyone else and pull into the Gift Shop to purchase tickets . You will not pay the park entrance fee if riding on Santa Land trailer ride .

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Park radio station

92.7 is the radio station to tune to to see our animated trees sync up to your favorite Christmas songs !

Are we open if it rains ?

Yes ! Rain or shine.. we stay open. Rainy nights are usually our lowest traffic times !

Can we bring our own trailer or ride in the back of the truck ?

We do allow our guests to ride in the back of a truck as long as our guidelines are followed. Please follow the same safety guidelines below:

We love when y’all bring your own trailer , you can even decorate it ! Load up your friends and family and come on down ! For your own safety ,please meet at the Gift Shop and wait until parked in the parking lot to load up , if available, let one of our parking attendants know your plans to meet up so they can try and park you together . Please stay safe use best judgment and keep all passengers in the trailer/ truck at all times . Adult supervision is required at all times for trailers/truck beds with children passengers. Do not exit the trailer/truckbed after loading up at any time until parked back at the Gift Shop parking lot . Personal trailers and truckbed passengers will follow standard admission pricing .

Santa Land Park Admission


* Santa Land is not responsible for any injury or loss of life of passengers or drivers of personal trailers*

For information about Santa Lands tractor trailer rides click here!

Gift Cards or Season Pass?

We have “Gift cards” to drive thru the park available for purchase at the Gift shop during our regular business hours . They are $30 value good for one car load of people up to 10 people . We do not currently have gift cards available for trailer rides or Gift shop purchases. We do not currently sell season passes .

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Does Santa Land sell stuff outside the Gates ?

No , Santa Land does not sell anything outside our gates. Anyone who may be selling tickets, “fast passes” , souvenirs, glow toys, etc. is not associated with Santa Land . Santa Land will not be responsible for any refunds or replacement of items bought outside the gates.

Large groups parties

  • Church busses
  • Senior programs
  • Corporate parties
  • Field trips
  • etc…

Although we don’t take reservations, we do appreciate a courtesy message on Facebook to let us know to expect you !

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