Park Rules and Guidelines

Waiting in line

– While waiting in line you must stay in your vehicle at all times while inside the gates . You will not be permitted to exit your vehicle for any reason until parked at the Gift Shop parking lot .

-You may not walk up the road and meet someone at the Gift shop . Please plan ahead if you are going to meet someone here .

– If you’re meeting up with someone to load onto a trailer either meet at an alternate location or wait until parked at the Gift Shop and load up from there.

-Please keep all trash and personal belongings inside your vehicle. Trash cans are located at the Gift Shop entrance and parking lot .

-Please be respectful of our neighbors, do not block driveways or litter. Do not get out of your vehicle or park on their property.

– Please turn off headlights once you enter the gates . Keep in mind some headlights will not turn off . If your headlights will not turn off please be considerate of the vehicle in front of you and keep a bit of distance.

-While inside the park you may not exit your car to take pictures, please keep the line moving and do not stop or pull over .

Types of vehicles allowed

Cars , trucks , SUVs , commercial and passenger vans, buses and personal trailers are all permitted as long as they fit our size requirements. We can not accommodate and ATVs,4wheelers, motorcycles etc..

We can accommodate vehicles up to 36ft in length and 10 ft high .

Personal trailers should be no longer than 20 ft long .

Personal Trailers

You are more than welcome to bring your own trailer , you can even decorate them . All drivers must have a drivers license and insurance and be over the age of 18. Please be aware of your surroundings and make sure your passengers remain seated the entire time .Passengers under the age of 18 MUST be supervised by an adult . Please do not load up into your trailer while waiting in line , instead pull into the gift shop parking lot and park before loading up . If you are meeting up with someone who has a trailer , you will not be permitted to walk thru to park to meet up with them . Please do not exit your personal trailer or truck for any reason while in the park .

Photos With Santa

Santa is very excited to see all the good boys and girls this year . You can stop in to get your pictures taken with him or just stop by for a visit so your children can tell him all of their Christmas wishes. We have prints available for purchase as well as flash drives with all of your photos so you can print your own and share online . Groups are welcome . Professional photographers are on duty so absolutely no personal photos or videos are allowed ! Click here to view more Santa info

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