Our History

January 1995 . After traveling up North , the founders of Santa Land came home inspired. While on their travels , they visited a Christmas Park in Missouri and knew there was nothing like that in Texas, they also knew that they were going to be the ones to make sure that Texans had someplace magical to drive thru and enjoy a professional Christmas Light display . They however did not know that what started out as a dream to spread Christmas joy would end up becoming a Texas Legend that people would travel from all across the country to witness.

So, they had the dream, they had the land , they had the equipment, now all that was left to do was to create something that they could be proud of and something that would wind up inspiring the creation of many other Christmas Parks in Texas . Numerous family members and friends joined in on the merry making and spent countless hours building all of the handmade displays and hanging lights . It was truly a labor of love . Their hard work paid off because they were all set to open the gates in November of that same year .

To their surprise it was an instant hit , No one had ever seen such a sight before . Word spread fast and Santa Land became a local legend. As time went on our support grew strong as we became known far and wide . The first Christmas Park in Texas has stayed true to its roots by continually adding new original handmade features . We are still family owned and operated and remain a Holiday Tradition for countless families and friends who we couldn’t have done this for so many years without. If you’re one of those people, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you so much for your support throughout the years . If you’ve never visited us before , come see us for a Holiday experience you won’t soon forget .

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